Monday, February 04, 2008

Motorcycle Japan: Review: Helmet Shoei - Syncrotec


Helmet : Shoei Syncrotec - Made In Japan

Shoei helmets are hand made watch the video

Front view

Side view

Read the review about Shoei Syncrotec

Front opening

Chin strap

Rear vent

Shoei Made in Japan

Size: Medium (7 1/8"-71/4") strip length, 22 3/4-23 inches, 57 - 58 cm

See Syncrotec sizing chart

Metallic Silver


  • Two piece construction
  • Clear lense
  • Retractable front
  • Very comfortable - fully padded interior
  • Five vents
  • Comes with storage bag and fluid to protect silicone seals

PS: Keep the box it comes in and store helmet in it when not using it

Weight: 1.6kg

Price:around 32,000 yen


  • When I first started riding 30 years ago a cheap helmet was all that was available but when a friend let me use their Shoei one time and I was hooked at the level of comfort and have never looked back.
  • Syncrotec is a breakthrough as it allows you to wear the helmet and go about your business, eg, go in a store without removing your helmet.Very convenient
  • Last along time if cared for well


  • Price seems expensive but comfort and quality will win you over

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