Sunday, February 03, 2008

Motorcycle Japan: Review - Yamaha - Cyber Tek - Raingear - Tokyo


Raingear: Yamaha - Cyber Tek -AGA Shot- Kuru Kuru Double Hood RY-743

Brand and Size - fully lined with mesh

Jacket - double velcro seal- adjustable wrists and arms

Front View

External Hood

Inner Hood

Storage Bag

Inner jacket pocket

Jacket with reflective tape

Pants - rear shot- adjustable legs

Pants with adjustable waist

Yamaha Cyber Tek - AGA Shot - Kuru Kuru (moves when you move) Double Hood

Part Number:

3L suit 175 - 190 cm

Black and Red with reflective tape on rear of Jacket

Features: Professional riding wetgear

  • 100% waterproof
  • Five piece raingear - Jacket, pants, two hoods and storage bag
  • Two hoods - one hood inside helmet and one for open helmet
  • Jacket - inside pocket with zip, outside pocket - velcro
  • Pants - adjustable waist & thighs, flared, velcro adjusters
  • Cotton mesh lined for your comfort
  • Pants and jacket connect
  • Jacket has vents that open for summer riding
  • Comes with waterproof storage bag that can compress
  • YKK high quality zips


Around 10,000 yen

  • Once you try professional wetgear their is no going back to cheaper brands.
  • This suit really keeps you dry , even if you ride for hours in the rain.The water just doesnt get through
  • It keeps you incredibly warm
  • Drys quickly
  • Inner hood is great as it offers sun protection on the neck and keeps your head warm in winter and absorbs sweat in summer.
  • Adjustable arms & legs ensure a snug fit and the jacket fastens to the pants.
  • Outer hood is good if you wear an open face helmet as it has a peak on it allowing you to see and not get wet.
  • Full mesh lining means it is comfortable and doesn't itch when wet.Also absorbs sweat.
  • Folds up neatly and quickly.Storage bag can be compressed allowing it to easily fit in a tank bag.
  • Red colour allows you to be easily seen during the day and at night. In Japan road lighting at night is very poor particularly in rural areas so it really pays to be seen.
  • Draw string pants cord way too long and can easily get caught on things, cutting it would ruin suit
  • Hood attachment system strong but can be annoying when you take your helmet on and off during a ride
  • Seams on inner hood too thick and can give you a headache on a long ride as pressure on your forehead
  • No foot protection

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