Sunday, February 01, 2009

Motorcycle Japan: Book review - Motorcycle Japan


Motorcycle Japan: A Rider's Guide

" A handy guide that helps you pull together all the basics for riding in Japan"

" I have been looking for a book to help me plan a bike trip to Japan"

" The videos are great as they give you a real feel of what to expect.The packing video was excellent"

" ..trip guides are very detailed and helpful as it is hard to know what to take and pack for each season of riding"

" Always wanted to go to Japan and now that I have retired the wife and I want to ride a Goldwing around Japan. This guide helps us as "baby boomers" understand the culture, language and process for trip planning"

" There are no books on bike travel in Japan making this a rare find!"

"Peter is a rider and writes like a rider, clear, simple and to the point. The trip guides share how to save money and get the most out of riding in Japan"

" 8 days in Hokkaido, 2 people leaving from Tokyo for only 79,000 yen total, all accommodation, gasoline, food and expenses..that's just amazing!"

"The Hokkaido guide looks fantastic and I can't wait to ride the roads in summer"

"The thing I liked the best were the bilingual route guides showing you the Japanese and the English together. I don't speak Japanese so they were really practical"

Motorcycle Japan: A Rider's Diary

* 11 chapters
* 247 pages
* 22 videos
* Over 400 URL's

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