Friday, October 23, 2009

Motorcycle Japan - Tokyo Motorshow 2009 opens tomorrow learn more here

The Tokyo Motor Show will open to the public on October 24th, and will run until the 4th of November, 2009.

If your in Tokyo, tickets are reasonable at 1300 yen or cheaper if you pre buy at 1100 yen.
XE currency converter. To get to the event by train check the Jorudan train timetable.Just put in your starting station the station you want to get off at .Makuhari has three stations

1. JR Kaihin Makuhari, 2. JR / Keisei Kaihin Makuhari 3. JR Makuhari Hongo

Official Website here in English.

Highlights of the show

According to Leo Lewis's column,

* Yamaha will unveil their first bike aimed at the older rider

* Honda has made a large automatic bike and

* Kawasaki have redesigned the Ninja line

Held in Makuhari in Chiba, just outside of Tokyo the event is sure to be a big crowd puller as usual.Makuhari Messe is a great venue and is easily reached by train, has plenty of parking is spread out over a number of buildings.

The official highlights as specified by the organizers of the show are here

Either way it will be a great event to see the new models from each of the bike makers, see the presenter girls, eat some great food and get caught up in the buzz of a big show and the huge crowds.

Best day to go would be a Tuesday or Wednesday if you want to avoid the big crowds.

While your in Makuhari stop by Starbucks for a coffee or at Carrefour supermarket for some great international foods (same building) and only a short five minute walk from the event.

Tokyo Motorshow 2007 video by Nipponnews

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