Thursday, January 28, 2010

How you can use Apple iPad when you motorcycle Japan

The new Ipad Tablet will revolutionize motorcycle travel and will be a perfect tool for travel in Japan.Why?
You will be able to use it to view maps on Google Maps, search for places to visit eg, historical sites and get information in English, watch videos of places you want to visit on You Tube, read e - books about motorcycling in Japan, allow you to email the shop you hired the bike from and ask questions about the bike, read emails while your on the road and keep in touch with friends, supporters and people interested in your trip,you can watch videos online and learn Japanese phrases, you will be able to sit in your tent at the end of a long day and listen to music on cordless headphones,allow you to check in on your flight home and post videos of your trip.

Motorcycle travel will never be the same! We imagine and you will be able to recharge while your on the road.

Watch the video to see the benefits of the new Apple iPad

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