Thursday, May 13, 2010

When you ride in Japan and want accessories think - Komine - Japanese motorcycle accessories maker

Photo: Komine - shin guards and chest protector

Komine is a famous brand for motorcycle accessories in Japan and around the world.
When you ride in Japan you will have the chance to buy, use and enjoy their full range of products which include: Racing Gear,Inner wear, Leather wear, Gloves,Touring Gear, Rain gear, Boots and shoes, Protectors and Cycling gear.

So whether your riding a steel horse or a bicycle they have a range of equipment to suit your needs and budget while you ride in Japan.

I first came across Komine while shopping for a chest protector and shin protectors.Personally, I have used their products and found them to be well designed, practical and easy to use.

Komine's philosophy embraces three main elements, Function, safety and value for money. Its products are available in Europe, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Korea.

The 2010 New Items collection .

Photo: Komine - Chest Protector click here to check styles and prices

Komine products can be found at a number of motorcycle accessory outlets in Japan including:

NAPS English Translated website here

RICOLAND English translated Website here

BYQ-PLAZA English Translated Website here

Driver Stand English Translated Website here

Bike Seven English Translated Website here

Komine products are also available on the web and we have provided English Website translations.

Note: To really use all the web sites you will need to sit with a Japanese friend. We have provided English translations of the front pages of both so you can see what they look like. Please remember that the translation is not perfect and you need to be able to read Japanese to fully understand all the sites content.

Web shops

WEBBIKE English Website here

HATOYA English Translated Website here

Keep up to date with the latest news about Komine products here English Website translation.

So when your in Japan and looking for motorcycle accessories think about Komine