Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toll free highway pilot program will cover 20 % of all Japan expressways

Slowly, more details of the new toll free program are being released. This morning the details are that pilot program will cover 20 % of all expressways and over1652 kilometres and the best news is you don't already have to have an ETC reader to participate.

"The government will make 50 sections on 37 highways mostly in rural areas toll-free under a pilot program to take effect at midnight of June 27, transport minister Seiji Maehara said Monday. All cars of any model will be covered by the program until the end of next March, regardless of whether they are equipped with electronic toll charge devices, ministry officials said.

The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry has already given up its idea of introducing a controversial new tariff from June to cap tolls at 2,000 yen for cars, while eliminating many existing discounts such as a 1,000 yen cap on the weekends and national holidays for cars equipped with ETC devices.

Costing 100 billion yen, the pilot program will cover a total of 1,652 kilometers, or about 20 percent of all expressways in Japan, and is aimed at studying the effects of making them toll-free on traffic and local economies, Maehara said."

Source:37 highways to be made toll-free on pilot basis from June 28
Wednesday 16th June

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