Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toll free pilot program starts June 28th on 50 sections of 37 routes

The long waiting for the toll free program seem closer than ever before with the new pilot program set to commence from June 28th regardless if the vehicle has electronic toll collection which is a pre-requisite for the current discounts.We look forward to the pilot and the results.

"The government will carry out a pilot program making some of the nation's highways toll free from June 28, Land Minister Seiji Maehara said Monday morning.

The program will cover 50 sections of 37 routes nationwide, mainly in rural areas. The coverage accounts for roughly 20% of the total toll roads, excluding the expressways in the Tokyo and Hanshin metropolitan areas.

The program will run through the end of March 2011. All car makes and models will be eligible for the program, whether or not they are equipped to work with the electronic toll collection system."

Source:Toll-Free Highway Pilot Program To Begin June 28: Maehara
Tuesday, June 15, 2010