Sunday, September 05, 2010

Honda Goldwing 2010 - all Gold Wing motorcycles now made in Japan

If you want to see Japan in comfort there is nothing like riding Japan on a Honda Gold Wing, the bike built for touring in Japan. The new 2010 Honda Gold Wing is now available. If your a mature rider and want to see Japan with your partner, the Gold Wing offers a great level of comfort and a range of conveniences.You can easily rent a Gold Wing in Japan and enjoy the roads, scenery and comfort of touring.

Video by SoloMotoTreinta

"In 1975, Honda introduced the Gold Wing, born as the GL1000, igniting U.S. motorcycle riders' passion for long-distance cruising...All Gold Wings are now manufactured in Japan...The Gold Wing posted the quickest quarter-mile of its day, but buyers saw its greatest value as a long-distance machine...For 2010, the Gold Wing introduced an industry-first air bag."

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Source:Honda grabbed market, then spread its Gold(en) Wing(s)
September 3, 2010
The Ottawa Citizen