Thursday, November 15, 2012

Video: Essential items for winter riding #1 Thermos


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As the colder weather starts to approach it is good to start thinking about changing your gear. This includes adding a thermos to your bag when you ride. As you get pretty cold while riding there is nothing like stopping for a break and having a hot drink, whether it be soup or coffee or milk or tea or plain hot water. A thermos is a lightweight item that is easy to carry and saves you money!

For those that drink coffee.It is better to make your own and have the taste you want than to suffer the expensive thin coffee that gets served up at restaurants, cafes and service areas.

I have been using the thermos in the video for on 8 months now and have found it to be really great. It keeps boiled water for up to 8 hours and does ice probably better. Only downside is that if you put coffee in the thermos and then change to another beverage the rubber seal will pick up the smell and taste. If you don't mind this no need to worry. If this bothers you, maybe consider buying two , one for coffee only and one for all other drinks.

Whats your experience with thermos while travelling?