Sunday, January 13, 2008

Motorcycle Japan: Benefits of having a motorcycle in Japan

Owning a motorbike in Japan provides you with:a cheap form of transport, a ticket for adventure and a way to escape the rat race.

Buying a used bike in Japan will add a new dimension to your daily life, give your more chances to travel and allow you to experience and explore the culture more deeply.

On vacations instead of taking expensive trains, slow buses or crowded planes you can pick out your own route and take your time getting to your desired destination at your own pace.You can stop when you want and enjoy the scenery.

The convenience of having your own transport means that you have more choices and control.You can pop down to the convenience store quickly, visit your girlfriend, get to the local pool to go swimming, visit friends in another prefecture on the weekend. Travel to Hokkaido in summer and beat the heat of the city.

Visit historical sites, castles, ninja houses, race tracks, onsens, etc. Once you have the helmet on you will feel different.The wind in your hair and the freedom to go anywhere you want anytime is just irresistible.